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Carving out a strategic advantage

This article first appeared in Marketing Mag on 4 May 2017.

Crafting a holistic marketing strategy that drives growth is always a big challenge – to put it mildly – but it’s only half the battle. Making sure the whole organisation falls into line with the strategy is just as hard. Fortunately, a new approach offers an opportunity to roll out strategic direction in a more simple and coordinated way, and it even provides the flexibility to exploit new, previously unforeseen opportunities quickly and efficiently.

It involves stealing a very simple philosophy from the world of software development – that of agile delivery.

By now most marketing professionals have come across the term ‘agile’, and even if they haven’t had direct exposure to agile projects they understand the main principles. Agile is based on a simple premise; prioritise the functionality with the most strategic value, and get this into market first.

Less valuable functionality goes into a backlog for later release, and t…

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