Introducing RippleRap!

Osmosoft is thrilled to be attending Le Web conference in Paris on 11/12 December, and to celebrate we're developing an application which we think attendees will find helpful. It's called RippleRap - the social conferencing tool, and it's primary purpose is for taking conference notes. It'll be pre-populated with the agenda and speaker names, so you can see the session you're at and click to start taking notes. It's all based on TiddlyWiki, so the ability to save the file to your local drive works out of the box.

But that's the only the start of it. We're integrating a number of features which we hope delegates will find helpful.

Share notes: Check a box, and your notes will be shared with others, and theirs with you. This will be useful for seeing other people's perspectives, as well as picking up on points which you may have missed, but most useful (we think) when you miss a session and want to know what you've missed. If the conference wi-fi is unavailable, then notes will be shared in both directions the next time you connect to the web. This will be based on Jon's TiddlyChatter module.

Blogging / microblogging: Given that most blogging platforms (blogger, wordpress) and microblogging platforms (twitter, pownce, jaiku) have open APIs, we intend to offer the ability to compose a blog posting offline and post it to your blog the next time the conference wi-fi allows this. Likewise with the microblogs. This will be a modified version of Craig's blog plugin.

Get yr mojo on: Mojo is the fabulous new REST exposure of BT's SDK, and can be used for all sorts of cool communications stuff. We'll use it for a basic click to call function (so people can contact the Osmosoft stall for free if they want to chat), but also provide heaps of other information that can help developers get under the hood. Paul will be writing this functionality.

Of course all this is subject to change. We have limited time and resources, and some features will change or might not make the cut. We're exposing the plan at this early stage in the spirit of transparency and also to see whether anyone has any interesting perspectives on this initiative. Let us know!

PS The above screenshot is a very early prototype, just to give you a flavour of what to expect.

PPS Members of the TiddlyWiki community may already have heard about this under a different name.