TiddlyTiller - Wikified Project Reporting

So as mentioned in a tweet or two, I've been spending some of my time creating a project reporting tool using TiddlyWiki.

We started with a main objective, and things kind of spiralled out from there. First, I wanted to share a weekly report with the client (simple list of things like budget, status, etc.) and have all these archived and searchable. Then I figured if we were using TiddlyWiki, we could add the minutes in there too. Group them using tags. Auto-generate some templates when needed. And what about maybe using some task management tools?

So I've decided to use Phil Hawksworth's teamtasks as my starting point - which is why it bears a striking resemblance to said wonderful product - and, in the interests of sharing early and often, here's a link to my early modest effort (use right click, save as to your desktop, then open it from there. Or open this version if you just want a play without downloading anything).

In keeping with the practice of giving TiddlyWiki based products ridiculous names, I've decided to call my product TiddlyTiller. As in 'steady hand on the tiller'. I'll be working on a product website a little further down the line, and have agreement from my company to release it under an open source licence (I did the extra work on company time). To most of the people reading this blog, it's simply the right thing to do - but it's a new concept to some of my colleagues. So they deserve credit for that.

So, next steps...I'm going to start using this on one of my projects. Hopefully the client won't have any security constraints that prevent it being opened and read locally. We'll see how we go and probably make some tweaks to improve the core product.

On a parallel path, I'm going to try and corral our designers at The Team into designing a product website for me. Might take a while as they're busy, but we'll see!

Feedback, comments, suggestions....all welcome.


Anonymous said…
Great stuff Phil!

I'm looking forward to see both how TiddlyTiller develops, and also the product site.

Credit to TheTeam for embracing the sharing of your hard work.
Anonymous said…
> Hopefully the client won't have any
> security constraints that prevent it
> being opened and read locally.

How about asking the community what problems they've run into?
I know there are a few people using TiddlyWiki at work, exchanging TW documents via e-mail - I'm sure you could learn a few things from them (and vice versa).
Phil Whitehouse said…
Good idea Fred, I've done just that.
Anonymous said…
Very nice Phil =o)
Anonymous said…
This is superb. I thought BaseCamp (http://www.basecamphq.com/) was the simplest & most effective project collaboration system. But after seeing TiddlyTiller I change my opinion :-)

My two bits on future addition:-
1. Who does what and when reports
2. Ability to add (Calendar plugin) to tasks for start date and end date
3. Have a Resources field for adding various resources (People, Machines, etc)
4. Have a field for capturing cost data

Anonymous said…
Hello Phil,

Have just started using Tiddlywiki after being recommended by a friend and one of my primary objectives is to keep track of meetings. Your TiddlyTiller version sounds very interesting but unfortunately the link doesn't work - is there anywhere else I can download it from?


FND said…
Looks like I had accidentally removed this from the server a few weeks ago - sorry about that!
Phil Whitehouse said…
Oh, that's alright!