It's going to puke down with snow

It's remarkable the impact that popular culture from our youths can still have on us as we get older. When I pulled the curtains this morning, and saw that our neighbourhood was covered in a blanket of snow (pictures here), the Mary Whitehouse Experience sketch from about 1992 flashed into my mind. Rob Newman would complain about fickle newspapers using headlines like "It's Snow Joke" or "It's Brrrrrritain", and talking about weather reporters reveling in the unusual weather, before cutting to Hugh Dennis giving a weather report which ended with him shouting "IT'S GOING TO PUKE DOWN WITH SNOW!!!!!!". I can't look at snow without thinking of that sketch from, like, 15 years ago.

So I did a quick search for the Mary Whitehouse Experience and came up with these mp3s of the original radio braodcasts, before they got big and went into TV. Thought I'd share that with you.

Given that all my friends were into the show at the time, it's surprising to me that the episodes haven't been released on DVD or even video. A quick search on Amazon revealed that, if you're desperate, you can buy a second hand video of a live gig they did for £50!!!! I'm sure they would have a quick-witted, sarcastic comment to make about that....


Anonymous said…
A certain Greek may know where one can find both seasons on his^W^W^Werr, a computer somewhere. Were someone looking for them. Nudge nudge, wink wink. Congrats by the way.