I trawl the web, so you don't have to

I love a good statistic. And was therefore pleased to find that Google Reader has been diligently tracking my habits and had a bunch of stats ready for my consumption.

It turns out that, from my 44 subscriptions, over the last 30 days I have read 1,502 items and shared 119 items.

1,502 articles in 30 days! I had no idea!

If you're relatively new to my blog, you might not be aware of the items I'm sharing. By my estimates, my feeds return about 20,000 articles a month. I scan the headlines and, it would seem, click on and read about 1,500 articles. And when I see something particularly interesting that I think people might like, I click on 'share'.

I'm usually thinking of someone who reads this blog when I click 'share'. It may even be you. So if you want to see which articles represent the very best of all the feeds I subscribe to (top 0.5%!), you can do so by following my shared items page here, or subscribing to an RSS feed here. The link will always be on the right hand side, and the latest shared items are headlined on the right as well.

If you use Google Reader, do you share? Let me know!