The Ten Commandments of Twitter

Thanks to everyone for your feedback, both on the blog and on Twitter! I've made several tweaks which I hope will keep most people happy.

If you haven't seen the original post putting forward the suggested list and seeking feedback, you can see it here.

Before the flame war begins, I'd just like to say that I know these shouldn't really be called commandments. But "Etiquette Requests" or somesuch just doesn't have the same ring to it....

You can see these commandments on Twitter (if you're a believer, sign up with a 'Follow'). If you want to shame someone being antisocial on Twitter, just point them at @tencommandments. Job done.

The image is also on Flickr.

Finally, if anyone out there with mad photoshopping skillz wants to mock up an image of some better commandment tablets, I'll be happy to add these instead (although please keep the roman numerals!). Just post them to flickr with a creative commons licence, add a comment with a link here and I'll do the rest.

This was fun!


DarrenB said…
thanks @Casablanca for the 10 etiquette requests :-) Have downloaded the image from FlickR for my office wall. Cheers
FND said…
Nicely done, Phil!
I like the idea with the Twitter account - although, you better pray(!) that no adjustments will be necessary...
But then, I guess thou shalt not doubt The Word.
psd said…
Well done Phil! I've updated Are you a Twitter Twits or a Twerp to point to these.

Also "follow @10commandments" has a nice ring to it!
Phil Whitehouse said…
Thanks @fnd, well, hopefully not! I have actually changed them today, to use roman numerals. Apologies to the few people who are 'Following the ten commandments', I won't make any further amendments without consultation! And I think it looks *much* better as a result. I suspect that most people will refer to them rather than click on Follow, given that they're not intended to change.

Thanks @psd! I've booked up @10commandments as well now, so it doesn't matter whether people use "ten" or "10".
Mostly Lisa said…

one more that i recently got called out on:

thou shalt not use twitter as an RSS feed of your blog posts.

i stopped ok. now stop your moaning!
JayFresh said…
We like that Phil. Not entirely sure about pushing the nanoformats as compulsory from the off. But then I'm a Twerp... ;)
Jared M. Stein said…
I'd only say that Twitter could be used for private chat-like or lengthy one-on-one conversations if Twitter were appropriately endowed with messaging options such as private/friends/public options. Such a simple thing could fix quite a bit.