RippleRap Part II - Son of

We've arrived safely (although in my case, shivering and shaking on the plane - not cool) in Cork, ready for BlogTalk 2008, and I'm chuffed to report that much more RippleRap functionality made the cut than was previously expected.

The BlogTalk edition of RippleRap can be downloaded from Even if you're not at the event, you can still follow what's going on by downloading the product and opening the html file.

So now, all in one place, RippleRap provides:
  • A place to manage and share your conference notes
  • Several feeds of event-specific material including tweets, blog posts and flickr photos
  • A Twitter client, including your own timeline with friends
  • Agenda and speaker details / biographies
  • All in a single html file, all still functional when conference wi-fi goes down!
I know that some people who read the blog are keen to use this functionality for their own events. You're welcome to download the BlogTalk edition, see the functionality, and pick apart the code if you're in a hurry. Check out the backstage area (link at the top of the screen), and you'll see we've created an agenda builder. We'll be focusing on the event itself for the next couple of days (we're running a stall and giving one of the presentations), but when we get back we'll focus on producing screencasts and the like to help people get up and running. We've also decided to offer free hosting for collecting aggregating and distributing the shared notes, and will be creating build scripts to make this as straightforward as possible. All delivery times to be decided once the dust has settled later this week.

So, most of the credit for the development work goes to Phil Hawksworth, Paul Downey and Jon Lister. Gentlemen, I salute you.