San Francisco

I've just returned from San Francisco, which I hadn't visited since 2000 (If you'd like a laugh, check out the California Journal I created back then...marvel at the background images! Gasp at the photos downgraded for dial-up! Cringe at the hand-coded html! Etc. etc.). It was a brilliant trip, mainly for work reasons - will post about that in a sec - but also I got the chance to soak up the city.

It's a lovely place, and I really wouldn't mind living there one day. The people are friendly, the weather is (mostly) agreeable, and there's plenty going on. Here are a few snaps from the walk around town.

The Farmer's Market by the Ferry Building was one of the nicest, friendliest markets I've ever visited...




We went for a great walk up to Coit Tower:

Coit Tower

View South

View North

The Mission is a fab neighbourhood for photos, whether it's the Maracas:


...the epic burritos...


..or the sensational array of murals...



Guitar man

Everyone's seen the cable cars of course, but what's amazing is that they grab onto cables which are moving below the street. We saw the machinery that pulls them along:

Subterranean Machinery

Fans of Sean Connery might remember him meeting his daughter at the Palace of Fine Arts in The Rock:

Palace of Fine Arts

And of course there's also the Golden Gate Bridge:

Golden Gate Bridge

As if I hadn't put the camera through too much by then, I was also gifted an amazing view of the city on the flight home:

San Francisco - Bridge and City

The all-too-brief visit was just brilliant. I've got a poor memory of anything prior to 2003. It's not a coincidence that this is when digital photography became practical and affordable. These photos will live with me a long time!

The full set of photos can be seen here.


Anonymous said…
I loved San Francisco when I was last there.

Which was... 1974.

I remember Lombard street and loved eating on Fisherman's wharf...
Phil Whitehouse said…
Cool! If you've got photos, it would be great to see them!