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I'm going to be out of the country from 24 November to 26 December, so I guess I've attended my last conference of 2008. I'd like to give some link love to Jon Hicks, who gave what turned out to be one of the most entertaining and useful presentations of the year - his talk at FOWD ("From Design to Deployment") was brilliant. It was filmed, but tragically the film didn't include the slides - they were published separately. So for the benefit of any aspiring web developer, or even old hands who want to brush up their coding skillz, here's the video and the slides in one place.

Jon Hicks - FOWD London 2008 from Future of Web Design on Vimeo.

Jon wrote a thoughtful blog post including all of the assets referenced in his talk (including the film at the end) - you can find it here.

Nice work, Jon!


FND said…
Thanks for posting this, Phil!
Naturally, there are a few things I wouldn't agree with (XHTML, really?) - but it's taught me a few neat tricks that I hadn't known or thought about before.