Christmas in Hong Kong

We decided to stop in Hong Kong on the way back from Australia, which happened to include Christmas Day. I didn't know what to expect, and a few have asked what it was like, so here goes...

(Quick link to photos)

Christmas is still a public holiday, from the days of British rule, and with the weather being ~20°C plenty of people were out and about. The overwhelming impression - skewed as it may be - was that everyone hit the shops. They were heaving!

We had Dim Sum for our main Christmas meal, as the amazing Luk Yu Tea House in Lan Kwai Fong. Best. Dumplings. Ever. And the kids got to use chopsticks for the first time.

Yum Cha


But the most interesting thing by far was that the parks were packed with people holding Christmas parties. In Kowloon Park we spent some time with some people from Indonesia, who'd bought their instruments to rock out to:

Guitar hero

Get down

Meanwhile the locals were trying to concentrate...

Chinese Checkers

And at the end of Christmas Day, there was the usual 8pm lightshow. Crowds gather on Kowloon to look over the harbour at Hong Kong island, where several buildings have coordinated a lights and lasers show to music:

It's obviously impossible to get a clear picture of a city like Hong Kong in the short time we had. But I will say it was one of the more interesting Christmas Days I've had...!