Company blogging

As part of The Team's new website - which has a long way to go, believe me! - we'll be surfacing opinion via a company blog. I've cobbled together some guidelines which are shared here in case they're of value to anyone else.

The important thing here is that companies shouldn't look to create guidelines that are too restrictive or lengthy - they won't get read, and will probably put people off. Rather the best thing to do (IMHO) is create a light framework and a system of support. That's what I've tried to do here.

I reckon this is also a lot better than nothing. It can be intimidating writing in a public forum for the first time, and not knowing whether there are any rules of the games can be off putting by itself.

Obviously this is written from an agency perspective but most of the guidelines apply in any corporate context.


Andy Ferguson said…
Andy Ferguson here, manager of The Undertones. I just spotted your picture of Feargal Sharkey at:

In your comments you say that Feargal said the "teenage Kicks" was about masturbation. I don't know what he was on that day but that is total nonsense.Feargal Sharkey did not write "Teenage Kicks" or any of The Undertones songs. It was written 100% by John O'Neill. The lyrics were never changed from the day it was written to the day it was recorded and it was never and is not about masturbation. John O'Neill is adamant on this matter. It is defamatory to say that that is the subject matter.
I'm sure you'd rather have the truth printed in your name so I'm sure you will want to correct this.
Andy Ferguson