The web is not a channel

Here in agency land, people often refer to the web as a channel. And coming from a background where I was surrounded by developers, this has never sounded right to me.

So when I was invited to present at an internal Loewy-wide event to pimp our Digital wares, I decided to try and describe a better way to think about the web. I'm giving the talk today, and my slides with notes can be seen on Slideshare or below:

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Martin Budden said…
Funnily enough I'd never heard the web described as a channel, until I saw your post asserting that the web, in fact, wasn't a channel.

The statement that the web is a channel to me is a bit like the statement that 'the web is a biscuit' - it's so obviously untrue that I hadn't even considered the idea. The web is a channel no more than the land is a road.

I guess it just goes to show that your agency colleagues have a completely different world-view when it comes to the web. Interesting.
Phil Whitehouse said…
Indeed, hence the need for the talk! Although I should add that it isn't exclusively an agency problem, we frequently work with clients who do the same thing.

Like I say in my deck, I think this is all a result of the human need to simplify the complex or abstract. And it's always good to remember there are those not involved in developing for the web that don't think the way we do.