An open letter to o2

Dear o2 (cc Apple),

I've just read your announcement that you'll have dedicated tariffs for the iPad when it launches in the UK at the end of May, but I was hoping you would go one step further.

I already have an iPhone, and pay a premium for the 3G connection. It seems wasteful having a second 3G connection when I already have one in my pocket and, I would've thought, would also reduce the burden on your infrastructure if I only had one connection.

So, I was wondering whether you'd be willing to find a way to tether my iPhone to my iPad? It would mean I only need to buy the wi-fi iPad, saving me about £70, and would get you a more loyal customer. Although the hardware and software are made by Apple, I'm sure you could pull some strings.

You may be worried that my combined iPhone and iPad bandwidth will be much higher than just the iPhone. But I won't be using both devices at the same time. Any increase in usage because the iPad is more pleasant to view the web will be offset by a reduction in page changes, because I'll be more likely to read a whole page rather than just the small bits my eyes can tolerate at the small text size.


All the best,


O2 said…
Hi Phil
Thanks for your tweet - we've read your post and unfortunately Apple have said that iPhones cannot tether to iPads. Mashable covers the story at their site but it's on some others too.

I'd recommend you speak to Apple about whether or not this can be changed.

JP at O2
Phil Whitehouse said…
Really impressed with quick response - thanks!

Unfortunately I don't think Apple really listens to customer demand, but I expect your requests would carry more weight. I'd very much like it if you tried!