When I was growing up, I had what my parents might call an unhealthy obsession with computer games. My brother had a ZX81, my best mate had a Spectrum 48k (with a ram pack!), and I had a Vic 20. And then one birthday, I was lucky enough to get a Commodore 64 - and my life changed forever.

I used to spend countless hours in my room playing computer games. For some reason, the one which always comes to mind now (25 years later) is Gauntlet - but there were dozens more.

So anyway, I recently picked up a couple of copies of ZZAP!! 64, the industry mag for the Commodore 64, and boy did the memories come flooding back!! Ghosts'N Goblins! Paperboy! Rambo! Yie Ar Kung Fu! Green Beret! Out Run! And oh so many more!

I remember owning these issues. Odd what your brain remembers and decides to forget - but then, I was completely obsessed. Clearly a lot of love went into these mags. It wasn't just about game reviews, but hints and tips, game maps, top charts, kick-ass joysticks, 8-bit art, and so much more. Sometimes we got tapes, containing 8 Bit music from our favorite games! Even the adverts were brilliant, showing screen shots and cover art hinting at an altogether more innocent time.

Anyway, seeing as I was enjoying these magazines so much I figured you might too. Here's a gallery on Flickr for y'all: