DT Sydney

My blog hasn't been receiving much love of late, and I'll happily blame the pressures of work and play. Working for DTDigital has been just as challenging and fun as I'd hoped it would be. The transition from campaign-oriented agency to fully fledged digital agency is well underway, and recent hires have made a massive impact.

One interesting challenge is the promotional aspect. DTDigital is very well known down in Melbourne, where it's been leading the industry for 16 years. But when I mention the name up here in Sydney, I get a wide range of responses - many haven't even heard of it. Fortunately we've made a splash already, and it certainly helps working so closely with Ogilvy, who have introduced us to their long list of amazing clients. 

Anyway, when chances to promote the agency come along, we take them! One such opportunity presented itself a few weeks ago, where our parent company, STW, announced a writing competition on the subject of 'What's next'. I submitted an entry and, much to my surprise, made the cut for the final seven

So here's the article; Customer Experience is the new Brand. It hints at the broader changes at play within the marketing arena, and like I've said in my bare-faced link bait, the advertising / marketing industries need to change quickly. It's probably not my best writing (like I said, pressure of work), but if I win it'll give DTDigital Sydney some much appreciated publicity. Plus I get a trip to South East Asia into the bargin. You know the drill - like, link, love please! Here's a handy small URL for your copying and pasting pleasure: http://j.mp/PWnext