Writing to a deadline

After winning the Nextness competition a few months ago, I'd been a bit nervous about collecting my prize. Obviously it was going to be fun jet-setting around Indonesia, but this was a 'trend-hunting trip', and part of the deal was writing three articles for the STW blog based around the trip. It's one thing writing drivel for your own blog; quite another trying to hit someone else's editorial quality standards and expectations against a deadline. Still, I'm moderately satisfied with what I came up - you can read all three posts here.

Jakarta was pretty mental - experiencing rapid growth and development, with infrastructure struggling to keep up. And as you might expect, Bali was more relaxed - although busier than I expected. I've uploaded a few photos to Flickr; Jakarta album / Bali album.

In the meantime, I've hardly had enough time to devote to my own blog, and it's withered on the vine a little bit. Sorry 'bout that. I blame agency life - it's been a mental year so far, and although it's going really well I haven't had much time to pontificate. Hopefully as DT Sydney enters it's 'Second Act' I'll have a bit more time for this kind of stuff...