Three men walk into a 7-Eleven store in Florida, and two of them walk to the counter while the third wanders off. One of the guys at the counter asks for a packet of cigarettes, and is asked for photo ID because he "looks under 27". He was 31 years old, and the legal age for buying cigarettes in America is 18. He didn't have photo ID with him, but his friend did, and so the friend offered to buy the cigarettes. He was 34. No deal, said the checkout girl, in case he was buying them for the first guy. So the first guy goes out to the car to get his ID.

While he's outside, the third guy ambles over to see what's going on. The first guy returns with his ID...but now the third guy (who is 30 years old) is asked to show ID (in case one of the first two guys was buying cigarettes for him). But he doesn't have photo ID with him.

The three guys, all over 30, leave the shop without cigarettes.

A true story.