Does the TiddlyWiki work on the iPhone?

Yes it does!

Well, in practice this means that the iPhone can render the site properly. The ajax-y goodness works, allowing the user to open new tiddlers, navigate content, use the search facility and edit the site, but you can't save an html file to the iPhone hard drive, which means you can't save your edits.

Plans are afoot though to develop a tailored version of TiddlyWiki for handheld devices including the iPhone. To be able to save edits on the current version of the iPhone, this handheld version will need to be server based and ought to sit behind an authentication process to make it useful. Sadly the iPhone doesn't cache cookies, which means (I think) that the username and password will have to be entered fresh each time. But once we've got round that problem, I'm sure it'll be used in all sorts of different ways, including becoming a contender for the GTD weapon of choice.

You can follow the story on Google Groups here.

PS By the way this isn't my iPhone - props go out to my new colleague James Shi, who has just bought a team phone for us while in Boston. I get my sticky little hands on it next week.