Get your geek on!

Are you a geek? If so, check out this brilliant new website. Starship Dimensions is a real labour of love. Jeff Russell has gone through loads of the aliens and starships in popular sci-fi shows, and compared their sizes. Sounds lame, but have a look and you'll see why it's worthy of a blog post from yours truly.

I was browsing it while listening to "Sci-Fi Kid" by Blitzen Trapper (from the brilliant "Wild Mountain Nation" album). It wasn't quite a religious experience, but it was close.


James Shi said…
Thanks Phil. Now my morning is ruined. I didn't realize how many ships were actually part of the storyline throughout the various Star Trek series. I had a nice walk down memory lane trying to recall the exact scene for each ship type with all of the Star Wars ships. Very geeky indeed. Excellent find :-D.