Barcamp wash-up

We've all straggled our way back to London to re-live the barcamp event. I honestly can't remember the last time I felt part of a community like this; everyone there was passionate about games, music, photos, the web, technology, gadgets and / or films. It was brilliant.

We made it as far as 2am on Saturday night before throwing in the towel and retreating to our hotel rooms. Next time I'll definitely be sleeping over. Some cool sessions on Sunday included a demo of how TiddlyWiki can be used to make coding easier; a session by the Flickr guys about their RSS services; a talk about micropayments, and then a talk about Facebook apps. All good.

I've managed to track down the entertaining, auto-rebellious Barcamp Manifesto:
"We the geeks hereby declare that we have the means to do it ourselves,
so from this point forward we are not employee 95362 or 43671.
We are talented and sought after individuals who can and will find the
means to break free of your cubicles and ivory towers.
We dont give a dame if you have the attention of 10 billion sticky eyeballs.
We dont give a shit about sticky eyeballs.
We give a shit about people.
We are independent, empowered, and en-fucking-gaged."
Should really have 'Land of Hope and Glory' playing in the background, eh?!

Our gracious hosts at Barcamp deserve a special mention. Madgex were brilliant, and made every effort to ensure the event ran smoothly and everyone got what they want. Other sponsors provided lashings of fab food. Thanks!

Here's the final batch of Brighton snaps:

Barcamp Wash-up