Our interview with Jeremy Ruston on Friday (in BT's right posh TV studio) is now posted online. You can watch it in various sizes on the Osmosoft website, or right here in glorious TiddlyVision. Warning: the cheesy grin at the start is off the scale. It's 89mb so might take a few seconds before it starts.

Update 28/9/07: having the presentation embedded here was impractical as it made a lengthy call on the Osmosoft server each time the page loaded. So if you click on the below image, it'll take you to the osmosoft site where you can see the interview in full.


Anonymous said…
Hi Phil,

Wow that was cool. Whats wrong with your neck in the video? Also .... did you use the word "fabulous"??

Phil Whitehouse said…
Don't know about the neck...but I saw Parky use the word fabulous once and it looked just awesome.