2/3rds of Osmosoft
Originally uploaded by Phillie Casablanca.

I recently bought a Polaroid Camera from a car boot sale (£5) and was thrilled to discover it works perfectly! Film costs about £1 a photo, mind.

We'll use this to take photos of esteemed guests at Osmosoft Towers, plus perhaps the odd celeb at Le Web in December.


FND said…
Nice - but that's quite a hefty pricetag for a single photo.

Simon seems thrilled to be captured on film.
(I know, I of all people should not make fun of other people's photogenicity*... )

* Is that even a word? Perhaps it's "photogenics", or ""photogenes"!?
Phil Whitehouse said…
I think that Polaroid photos in particular lend themselves to being taken when the subject isn't quite ready. I'm not sure why, perhaps it's a subliminal message from the original advertising campaign? I guess when these things came out, spontaneity would've been a big selling point.
Robbie said…
I do love the way the photos come out over exposed, almost all of them without fail. Ahh, the good old days when technology couldn't compensate for our lack of understanding =p