VRM TiddlyWiki

Don't you hate the fact that you always have to do business with vendors on their terms? Fill in their form, scan their website, suffer their adverts?

Wouldn't it be better if you could relate to them on your terms?

Well, that's the enlightening, empowering and lofty ambition that VRM hopes to fulfill.

Paul Downey and I attended the VRM 2008 conference in Munich this week, and presented our early thinking on the subject, using Getting Married as the basis of a case study. Paul's slides can be found here, and I followed him by pitching the concept of using TiddlyWiki to create and distribute a 'Personal RFP' (Request for Proposal), as well as exploring the notion of bringing brokers into the mix.

The TiddlyWiki file in question can be seen here (I recommend right clicking the link and saving to desktop before opening from there), and I've since created this video explaining the rationale behind this theory:

A higher resolution copy can be downloaded from here.

I'm interested in finding people who'd like to explore this initiative with me, particularly those from potential brokers e.g. Yell, Google, Yahoo! and other directory services or search engine operators. Likewise if I'm missing something, do please put me straight! If you'd like to get in touch, please do so via the comments!


FND said…
That's highly interesting stuff!

What's your potential role in this - "simply" an advocate?
How are you gonna proceed from here - form (or join) some kind of working group, come up with a concept for the exchange standard, create a proof-of-concept implementation (mocking a customer, broker and vendor), approach potential brokers and vendors directly?

This is obviously an incredibly complex issue, and I'd be quite interested in seeing what's required to make it happen.
Phil Whitehouse said…
As a relative newcomer to the VRM group, I'm taking a gentle approach to this. I don't want to step on any toes, and it's important that any efforts on my part are aligned with the activities and intentions of the group.

That said I've already received some positive feedback and only need a little more encouragement before I take this forward!

I'm planning to attend the VRM Hub meeting at the end of May, when I'll hopefully get a chance to chat with some like-minded folks to discuss possible next steps.