So long...sort of

For those who haven't heard, I've resigned from Osmosoft and I'm off to pastures new! But I'm leaving the gate open behind me, so to speak, for mutual grazing purposes.

I've had an amazing time at Osmosoft. I feel privileged that I was able to spend so much time in the vicinity of so many smart people....such is the nature of the Osmosoft experiment. The idea was that we'd learn as much as possible so we could pass these learnings onto the BT mothership, and I hope I've done my bit via this blog and other channels.

I'm joining the digital arm of an agency called The Team, based in London (by Borough Market). They've got big ambitions, particularly in the open source space, and recently won a great contract with the NHS. I'm hoping that I can use my open source experience to help The Team's clients make informed technology choices, and I'll also be helping The Team to establish a project management framework that's ready for growth.

On a personal note, the NHS gave my family an amazing service when our two children were born, and I'm thrilled to have the chance to give something back!

As for the mutual grazing, I'm hoping to continue involvement in many of the projects and initiatives I've worked on while at Osmosoft (open source, TiddlyWiki, VRM, all-things-web), so I'll still be attending public events and workshops on these subjects, hopefully running into the aforementioned smart folks from time to time. We've made much of our 'porous membrane' at Osmosoft and I hope to continue in this vein at The Team. The blogging, twittering, flickring, upcominging (?!), vimeoing and dopplring won't stop here!


Anonymous said…
We are all certainly sad to see you go Phil.

It has been fantastic being part of Osmosoft with you and seems like a long time ago that we met with Jeremy to talk about what we wanted to achieve at Osmosoft and how much fun it would be.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures with TheTeam, and hope that they will appreciate the musical stylings of Mr WIlliam Shatner as much as we did.
simon said…
Good on you Phil, best of luck with your new adventures.
The Team sounds like a good followup to your Osmosoft adventures. Good luck with it!
Jonathan Lister said…
Sad you're leaving Phil, but happy you've found something worthy of your talents. Doesn't really feel like goodbye (phew), as I know we'll see you on a regular basis!