Really really really simple syndication

Yes, it's time for another Google lovefest, and this time I'm raving about Google Reader (which is an RSS reader). With so much information out there that I want to stay on top of, I use Google Reader to keep it all in one, easily accessible place. I've been using it for a while, in fact, but I've just discovered a really neat trick.

If I see a particularly interesting article that I think others might like, I just click on "share", and it appears in the list on the right hand side of this blog (see "Phil's shared items"). Neat, huh? Or if you want to see all these articles in full on one page, you can click here - even more super neato, eh? And if you want to use your own RSS reader to see what I'm flagging as interesting, you can add this link to your RSS reader.

All of that, right there, that took three clicks to set up.

So today, for example, you can see that I'm linking to an excellent piece written by my colleague Warren Hutchinson describing a user centric approach to designing a search tool. There are also some very funny posts from Douglas Adams about cars and hotels respectively. And some interesting commentaries about the recent Aqua Teen Hunger Force debacle in Boston. I haven't hyperlinked because you should go via the Google Reader shared articles page and see what I mean.

But I will link to this - the Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. It's one of the funniest blogs out there, and the writer is now appealing for a corporate sponsor. I sincerely hope he finds one.