Dodgy dealings

When it comes to TV packages, I'm currently a Homechoice subscriber, but it's time for a change. The picture quality isn't great (especially for football, for some reason), and as we're going to need a new TV soon (which will probably be High Definition), there's no point sticking with Homechoice. If I'm buying an HD TV, I want to get the best out of it.

So the main options are Sky or Virgin Media. Sky costs a fortune (£300 for an HD set-top box! Plus £10 extra a month for HD services) but as least they have high definition content (8 HD channels). Virgin Media is much cheaper (£15 a month for an HD set-top box) but not many channels (only BBC HD so far). I gather they've invested a small fortune in sorting out the legacy NTL / Telewest customer support depts. The plan was to wait and see whether Virgin Media managed to get hold of Sky Sports HD or any other HD channels.

But then I read this story, and it's helped me make my mind up. I knew these negotiations were going on, but if Sky is going to blackmail Virgin Media - and effectively blackmail the consumer in the process - then I'm boycotting them. Plain and simple. I'll watch the game down the pub.

Tell your friends and family.


Matt said…
Brother, I'm with you on the whole boycotting Sky front! Over here in Oz, there seem to be some regulatory restrictions on new digital channels being broadcast on free-to-air that look to be in place to protect Murdoch and his gang, so that we all have to subscribe to Foxtel. There's a new player called Selectv but you still need a dish - no cable option at this point unfortunately. Apparently restrictions are relaxing, but its taking a long time and seems to be leaning towards tv on your mobile. Guess who the provider is for that? That's right - Foxtel!!! Hmmm, maybe the Oz govt should start thinking about serving the public rather than someone who's not even an Aussie anymore!