Being a new Dad means I have an unusual kind of time on my hands. We do a lot of tag teaming, where my wife gets some sleep and I look after the baby monitors - meaning I can't go out, but I can hang out on the intarwebs rather a lot. It's quiet, and won't wake up the kids.

I usually start by catching up with all of my RSS feeds on Google Reader. Then I'll have a look through Digg and Slashdot. And finally, I turn to Stumbleupon. It's a rather cool browser plugin that collects your preferences (via checkboxes) and then, each time you click the toolbar button, it serves up a new website that it thinks you might find interesting. It is a highly efficient and entertaining way to waste hours upon hours.

Anyway, this is all a means to telling you about an interesting test I found, which demonstrates a very weird thing about how the mind operates. Click this link to open up the gif file and I'm sure you'll find it interesting too.

That reminds me of the last time I mentioned the gif file format at work. Someone quoted Roy from The IT Crowd at me: "Are you from the past?". Great put down, and I hope I get the chance to use it on someone else soon! The second series should be ready soon hopefully, and an American version is also going to done (fortunately by the same team that have done the excellent American version of The Office). The best bit? Moss will still be played by Richard Ayoade, the genius who played the part in the UK version. Should be good.

This mindless train of thought was bought to you by Red Bull.