I've got something in my Eyejot

Or rather I hope to have something in there soon.

Eyejot is a really rather cool tool which allows for the straightforward transfer of video messages. Robert Scoble interviewed them the other day (the Editor's Choice of this show is pretty good, by the way - scan down this page), so I checked it out and it really is as simple as advertised.

Try it yourself. If you have a webcam and microphone working on your 'puter, try clicking on the reply button below and send me a message. It syndicates with iTunes too, which means I can watch my messages on my iPod on the way home.

Interestingly, it's built using the Adobe Flex product. You can tell because the website I manage my account on has that clunky feel to it, along with nasty out-of-the-box interface elements such as the waiting clock. But still the quality of the idea shines through IMHO.

I've set up an Eyejot page here, and the link is on the right if the fancy takes you in the future.

Now, if only someone would send me a message...