Saturday, 3 March 2007

What would Jack Bauer do?

So it looks like I may have picked the right side after all. I saw the attached adverts on a billboard near my house (click to big for small print), just four days after the deadline for an agreement between Sky and Virgin Media passed. It takes ages for adverts like this to be prepared, agreed internally, and for the space to be bought. At the very least, a decision must've been made by Sky some time ago to capitalise on the possibility (or certainty?) that the negotiations with Virgin Media would be unsuccessful.

I really hope this backfires on Sky. I doubt whether they would have anticipated the high profile consumer backlash this has stirred up. OFCOM and the Office of Fair Trading are getting involved. I'm equally sure that these ads won't help them if the National Consumer Council makes an official complaint about this debacle (as seems likely). Not sure what a "super-complaint" is, but I'm sure it's much worse than a normal complaint...

Here's the Lost advert too. Also right by my house. Do you think they're aimed at me?

C'mon, let's stick it to the man. Boycott Sky*. Who's with me?

*unless they come up with a really really good deal for HD content. I'm only human!

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Stephen said...

Ah, but they've both been taken pot shots at each other, haven't they? Thought this article was interesting...