FOWA - Day 2

We're back at the ExCel Centre today for Day 2 of FOWA, and are still buzzing after last night. Day 1 ended on a great high note after most of the delegates had gone home. Kevin Rose, who gave a pretty good keynote speech about the early days of Digg and Pownce, took to the stage with his co-host, the brash, hilarious Alex Albrecht, for a live filming of Diggnation. I reckon 10% of people were still wearing their conference lanyards, the rest seemingly having come just for the filming.

And what a reception! Diggnation is an irreverent look back at the most popular items on Digg. But our hosts seemed more keen to banter with the audience. Both Rose and Albrecht have great stage present and are natural comedians, and made sure the audience had a fun time. Keep an eye out for the podcast on the Diggnation site; it should be up in a few days.

And the other sessions have been pretty good too. Heidi Pollock walked us through the pitfalls of taking a web app onto mobile. Leah Culver (sole developer on Pownce) gave an insightful talk about building a web app on the cheap. And Suw Charman gave a good talk about taking applications into the enterprise. All relevant for our work at Osmosoft.

Photos and a short video will be posted just as soon as the wi-fi here steadies itself.