FOWA - Day 3

Third and final day at FOWA. Three days, it would seem, is a bit too much for a conference - my brain is fairly frazzled, and I'm not in the mood for a big blog posting (hooray! I hear you say...!). Fortunately this final day is workshop day, we're not going from session to session every half hour or fighting for front row seats.

Enjoyed a nice session this morning on Mindshare Marketing with Deborah Schultz and Brian Oberkirch - all good Cluetrain Manifesto stuff. Oberkirch also mentioned this excellent blog posting on the subject of measuring successful web communities.

And this afternoon's sesh is on the subject of Interface Design for Web Applications (as opposed to web sites), by Michael Kowalski of Kitsite. Good clean fun.

Although I'm exhausted, I'd still warmly recommend this conference. Wednesday in particular was stellar. Ryan Carson and his team have done a smashing job. Yay, web apps!


Lisa said…
Hi Phil, Really glad you enjoyed the event - even if it fried your brain a bit :) The workshop session this morning was great I thought. Nice to go into depth on some of the issues from the main event.
Hopefully we'll see you again next time (bring Red Bull!) heh heh
All the best
lisa (from Carsonified)