Just finished reading a very cool article in Wired, written by a "top tier geo-blogger" in the year 2017....I've always been interested in those who speculate about what the future holds, even if I'm not that good at it myself...!

Hyper-locality is an interesting concept. The theory goes that, in 2017, everyone has got over the supposed invasion of privacy caused by devices being location-aware, and society now depends on these devices to make things tick. Someone without a mobile, for instance;
....has no email, voicemail, pager, chat client, or gaming platform. And probably no maps, guidebooks, Web browser, video player, music player, or radio. No transit tickets, payment system, biometric ID, environmental safety sensor, or Breathalyzer. No alarm clock, camera, laser scanner, navigator, pedometer, flashlight, remote control, or hi-def projector. No house key, office key, car key... Are you still with me? If you don't have a mobile, the modern world is a seething jungle crisscrossed by electric fences crowned with barbed wire. A guy without a mobile is beyond derelict. He's a nonperson.
As the blogosphere has chosen this week to celebrate ten years of blogging, it's interesting to consider what the future holds. And it's a constant source of fascination to me that my children won't know any different. It's going to be fun finding out...