So now everyone knows I've resigned, and I'm in that weird limbo place between resigning and leaving. Finding it very hard to convince people that I'm still working hard. They give me this look that says "yeah, right, of course you are Phil, you're not on the green at all". Meh.

But I am spending out-of-office hours looking at the next job with BT Osmosoft. They've just launched their new website, which also stands up as a good example of TiddlyWiki in action. If you're curious to see how it works, visit the site, start clicking on links and you'll see it all explode open in glorious TiddlyTechniColour. Double click on an item, and you can edit it there and then. Save it to your hard drive, and you'll find that the whole wiki exists in a single html file (minus images of course, but including style sheets).

Of course you can't save your changes to the BT server, but you'll get the idea of how it works for those who have the rights. Remember this is all open source, so if you want to download a version and amend it to your needs, go right ahead.


Phil Hawksworth said…
I'd be curious to see other people's attempts at the site design. It really is super easy to get the entire site downloaded onto your local machine for editing. Just do a good old fashioned File > Save As and save the html file. Once TiddlyWiki know that it is sitting on a file:/// url rather than being served over http, it enables the abilities to save your edits.

You can already see what is going on behind the scenes a on the live version by hitting Edit or double-clicking the 'tiddlers' via the inline search.

You can dig deeper and get at some CSS and major page elements by searching for the StyleSheet, TopMenu, MainMenu and SiteTitle tiddlers.

There are a few images being used and they can be grabbed from http://www.osmosoft.com/images/